Suspect named in Bismarck officer-involved shooting

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Police department says a male officer was responding to an unrelated sexual assault call Sunday morning at the Bismarck Motor Motel on East Main Avenue when he was attacked by 51-year-old Donald Miller.

According to the complaint, Miller was in the process of attempting to steal a police vehicle, when police say he began punching the officer in the head and gouging his eyes. After the officer started fighting back and attempted to immobilize Miller, police say the officer shot him in the abdomen to stop the attack.

The officer and Miller were taken to a local hospital. The officer was discharged. And officers say Miller made it out of surgery and is still being treated for his injuries.

“Just remember we are absolutely in the infancy of the investigation. It's only, 24 hours out roughly and we just got to be very careful. We cannot release a lot of information," said Bismarck Police Department Chief Dan Donlin.

The officer is on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.

Miller is charged with robbery-menacing, serious bodily injury or inflicts bodily injury and simple assault of a peace office or correctional officer.