Surrey staff, students react to Friday closure due to flu

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 6:04 PM CST
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In the middle of this flu season, the kids in Surrey will be getting an unexpected early start to the weekend.

Surrey Public School will be closed Friday to help students and staff currently fighting off the flu.

The closure will give custodians the opportunity to deep clean the building and students time to rest up for next week.

School administrators tell me that influenza 'A' has been spreading to students and staff.

Your News Leader visited Surrey to talk to students and faculty about how the issue has impacted the school this week.

For kindergarten teacher Jennifer Streich, this has a been a tough week for her students.

“My class in particular has been kind of hit pretty rough,” said Streich.

Streich typically has a class of 13 students, but Thursday she taught a combined class of only six.

“I had seven students here on Tuesday, and six total in my class yesterday and today I have three. And I just hope that they can get the rest they need and we can come back up to par next week,” said Streich.

Students of all ages are handling illness as best as they can.

Kindergartener Corbyn Keller says his mom is keeping medicine on hand.

“If I have a bad cough like I have right now, they'll buy some more medicine for me because we ran out of Benadryl. They had to buy some other medicine,” said Corbyn.

School board president Ron Aberle said this is quite the rare occurrence.

“This is the first time to my knowledge and I've been on and off the school board for quite a few years,” said Aberle.

Wednesday, roughly 70 students were out sick.

The school board gave parents the right to keep their child out of school Thursday without it going against their attendance.

Staff say more than 200 students were out Thursday.

The school board said the school closing will give cleaning staff a chance to deep clean the school to stop the spread of germs.

“Basically we're closing all extracurricular activities also to keep them out of the school because the janitors are going to do some extra cleaning. And we just wanted to keep everybody out so as they're cleaning they won't have to go back and clean areas because kids have been in and out,” said Aberle.

Hoping to get students back to hitting the books.

The school already has off Monday, so Aberle said it should be business as usual come Tuesday.

Girls district basketball is the notable after-school activity that will go on as planned this weekend.

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