Sunset Bluffs fire donation center opens its doors to the public

MANDAN, N.D. - More than a month has passed since the Sunset Bluffs Apartment fire that shook up the community. Now that all former residents have found new places to live, the donation center is opening up to the public.

The warehouse, is still full of thousands of clothes, books and school supplies, donated from across the state, and were sold in a rummage style sale, for anyone who needs help. Patty Barrette took over the operation just after the fire happened, says the next steps for the makeshift center are happening.

"We'll start looking at donating to some of the other nonprofits out there, we've got some lined up with some of the community organizations that do donations for people in need," said Patty Barrette, Sunset Bluffs Donation Center Director.

Barrette says she stills wants to create a mobile donation center to respond state wide to disasters. Tomorrow, a lunch-in will be held at Blackstone Hotel in honor of all the volunteers and tenants over the past month.