Summer jobs for teachers

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Summer vacation means a break for students, but many teachers don't have the luxury of taking a break.

A few of the teachers we spoke to work at Fort Lincoln, and one of them even has their own summer business! Teachers say they like to stay busy during the summer months.

Being outside and working in an atmosphere other than a classroom is the best thing about working at Fort Lincoln in Mandan.

"It's definitely a different dynamic. From being around middle school kids all day to a lot of times out here I'm by myself working on different things, or working with other adults," said Rianne Metz, park ranger.

Metz is a teachers aid. She enjoys working outside, alongside another educator from Bismarck High School

"It's just physical labor. For somebody who's in the classroom and is not as active as I should be, so working in the summer I'm moving around more. So it's kind of like a way to, like a health spa where I'm working out and losing some weight," said Brad Leingang, park ranger.

Teachers, like students, need a break from school work.

"It's really nice to have variety in the summer to just make some extra money and also do some of the other passions that you might not have time to do in the winter," said Nate Speidel, owner and instructor of The Goalrobber.

Speidel runs a hockey camp called Goalrobber. He teaches hockey players the fundamentals of being a goalie.

"As a teacher, I think there's a ton of carry over with those skill sets. I think coaching is teaching. It's just teaching athletes how to do a specific set of skills and of course also, how to be good people," said Speidel.

When school bells ring next month, these teachers will be refreshed and ready to return to their classrooms, even if students would like summer break to last a little longer.

The Goalrobbers have another camp next weekend.