Suicide prevention club holds Christmas tree competition

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The suicide prevention club, Sources of Strength, organized the school’s first ever Christmas tree competition.

Each student was able to vote for one of 13 trees created by different departments, and it was a close call.

“So one of the main components of Sources of Strength is to bring positivity through the school. So one of our goals was to bring Christmas spirit to the general area where most students congregate,” said Melissa Ringgenberg, Sources of Strength advisor.

The staff went all out, and really captured their subject matter in their trees.

“I think that they did a great job and I like their creativity and stuff. It's a great idea to come out and see these wonderful trees and get into the Christmas spirit,” said Elizabeth Romanick, senior.

“I voted for the Chemis-tree because it's a pun and I love puns, but I think they were all good,” said Makenna Cavanagh, sophomore.

Sophomore Makenna Cavanagh was asked how she would decorate a tree to represent herself. She said, “donuts, because my family owns Bearscat, I guess. And books, I like to read.”

Ringgenberg says this event really brought unity to the school and it is the first time in a while she has seen different departments come together.

In first place was the custodian crew's tree, second was the Art Department's Bob Ross painting and in third was the Social Studies tree.