Succulents: an in home plant growing in popularity among young people

MINOT, N.D. - One plant that's recently become popular amongst millennials is being shared with a younger generation at Minot's Nature Nook Children’s' store.

Succulent plants are related to cacti, and are very good at retaining moisture. Their low maintenance makes them perfect for busy people looking for a green way to decorate.

Nature Nook is teaching young ones how they can make their own succulent terrariums, ahead of Father's Day.

Owner, Deb Peery, says these plants are perfect for young children.

“You can replant this and it will grow. So even if a child is rough on the plant, it's gonna bounce back,” said Nature Nook owner, Deb Peery

This was an exclusive weekend event at Nature Nook, but they offer weekly camps in the summer.