Study addresses possible roadway changes in Mandan to ease traffic congestion

MANDAN, N.D. - Roadway changes could be coming to Mandan, but the city wants the community's input.

The plan is called the "Mandan Study," and addresses two roads, Main Street and First Avenue.

When roads are busy, it could make it unbearable to get from point A to point B for many drivers.

The City of Mandan is looking for ways to ease traffic on Main Street and First Avenue with future developments potentially coming to the city-- they're even talking about reducing the number of lanes.

"There are some different options being proposed about what could be done with that extra lane. One of the options is bring back parking in the south side of Main Street. Another option is wider sidewalks and then there are a couple of options that would involve introducing bike lanes to main street," said Ellen Huber, Mandan Business Development Communications.

Huber says these alternatives vary in cost. The city's mayor asked people to get involved during Tuesday's State of the Cities event.

"Please take the survey, tell us what you think and what you'd like to see downtown," said Mandan Mayor Tim Helbling.

Huber said,"It will be very much dependent on what people have to say and ultimately it will be the decisions of the city commission."

The last day to fill out the survey is on Nov. 15 at

Other developments are in the works for Mandan.

The city's Business Development Communications director says calming the streets is important for those additions.