Students take on STEM challenges at Doosan Bobcat

BISMARCK, N.D. - High school students are taking part in STEM activities for National Engineering Week. Students from schools including Beulah and Linton are getting a look inside the Doosan Bobcat Acceleration Center in south Bismarck, and putting their minds to work with the engineers.

After taking a tour, the kids were divided into groups and tasked with creating a structure that would protect an egg from objects being dropped from above. The goal is to simulate building the roof of a skid steer loader, and making sure the operator is protected, something engineers are responsible for.

"You give them a design challenge like we did today and you get to see the creativity all the different ways that kids think,” Senior Design Engineer Mark Binstock said. “And for me, I can go back to my job and say you know there's a different way for me to think as well."

On Thursday, students from Bismarck area schools will be taking part in the activities.