Students show up big to talk about race

Minot State students packed the student activities building to take part in a discussion about a topic no one agrees is easy to talk about...race.

The Red & Green, MSU's student newspaper, organized a panel discussion of students and faculty with the intent of creating a space where people could speak about and understand an uncomfortable topic.

“I want people to recognize we still live in a society where people are judged based on the color of their skin, by their cultural differences. And those judgements might be subtle, but they still exist,” said Nicole Thom-Arens, MSU Associate Professor of Communication Arts.

“It’s because its uncomfortable, and I guess I'm the one that brought that up to begin with. That’s the reason why we need to talk about it is because people are uncomfortable. We need to be a little bit uncomfortable right now, to be comfortable,” added Annette Mennen, Panelist and Diversity Council Co-chair.

“Race is a sensitive topic, but when we create an opportunity for people to come here for that very reason and have that conversation, they can be more open. So we're starting the conversation so they can join in,” said Jerusalem Tukura, The Red & Green Editor.

Among the panelists are Associate Professor Harry Hoffman, Diversity Council Co-chair Annette Mennem, and Senior student and editor of the Red and Green, Jerusalem Tukura.