Dickinson students celebrate Constitution Day

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OMAHA, Neb. - It was 229 years ago that our founding fathers signed and approved what we know as the U.S. constitution.

Friday, middle school students in Dickinson celebrated the document, as well as those who serve to keep it alive.​

Rather than have a lesson in the classroom, these students celebrated constitution day another way. With a ceremony.

"It allows students to take a moment, and pause, and really think about what it means to be a part of this great country," said Amy Yeager, Hagen Junior High School teacher.

Berg Elementary and Hagen Junior High students reflected on a document written two centuries ago, but is used every single day.

"It's important because if you don't know what your rights are, how do you know if they're being trampled upon, or how do you know if you're living up to what your potential could be with the constitution?" said Yeager.

And reflected on keeping tradition and patriotism alive.

"They are the rules of our great country America, and if we don't discuss them, they can be forgotten," said Jack Goodall, 12.

Part of the Constitution day ceremony was honoring the Dickinson forces that serve and protect the community, as well.

"I respect them because they risk their lives for us and for our country," said Kaden Selle, 13.

And recognizing those that don't get as much credit.

"They kind of have a hidden role. Not that it's less important, because they serve a truly important role. But I don't think all of our kids know what goes into keeping a town safe," said Mitch Meier, Hagen Junior High School teacher.