Streets open for easier access to Minot's downtown

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MINOT, N.D. - Access to Minot's Main Street and Downtown just got a little bit easier.

Two blocks of new pavement and sidewalk on Second Avenue from Main Street to Broadway are now open. This portion adds a through street that will maintain easy access to the heart of downtown and brings the project closer to being complete.

“It's a nice milestone. Second Avenue is a through street, so you can get from Broadway all the way over to Third Street in just a matter of four or five blocks. We encourage people to come downtown like we've been talking about all summer. Downtown Minot is open of course, and this is just one more way to get to Main Street and off of Main Street,” said Mark Lyman, Marketing Consultant.

The project general contractor, Keller Paving, says it is planning to finish the last two blocks of Main Street by Thanksgiving