Street signs damaged in Morton County

MORTON COUNTY, N.D. - We depend on street signs for safe driving.

So, what if a stop sign was down? How much damage could it cause in a community?

In Morton County someone is using signs as targets.

More than 40 street signs were damaged by bullets and shotgun blasts in the last two months in Morton County, specifically in Hebron and the Glen Ullin area.

"It becomes a safety hazard to everybody who's out there using the roadways," said Morton County Sheriff, Kyle Kirchmeier.

Downed signs aren't the only issue though.

"Minimum price is about a $100 per sign and that could escalate all the way to $500 if it's a multi post sign," said Morton County engineer, Mike Aubol.

That money is coming from tax payer dollars.

"The sign gets replaced and they come by and it happens again,” said Kirchmeier.

"They're a pretty penny and they're very important to keep in place," said Aubol.

The county engineer said a flashing street light was also shot at. The cost? Over $1,000.

The sheriff is urging people to stop shooting at signs and lights to maintain safety.

And if you see something, he wants you to report it.