Strawberry Lake incident fundraisers warn of PayPal scam

Photo courtesy: Karlie Davis

MCLEAN COUNTY, N.D. – Organizers of one of the online fundraisers for one of the families impacted by last weekend’s accident on Strawberry Lake are warning donors of a scam involving a fake PayPal account.

The organizer for the Facebook fundraiser for the Sundsbak family says that a scammer hacked their Facebook profile and began messaging donors.

The scammer solicits money from donors by asking them to set up a PayPal account.

They say none of the fundraisers are collecting money through PayPal, and donors should report the messages if they receive them.

The organizers reiterate that the families are not directly asking for money, and say they are setting up an account to transfer the money to the family.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Facebook page has raised roughly $85,000 for the Sundsbak family. A similar page was set up in support of the Mikkelson family as well.