Storm tears through town of Plentywood, MT

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PLENTYWOOD, Mont. - Tree debris and rubble. That’s what last night’s severe storm left behind.

"I was watching it and when it started raining and the winds started coming up and that's when I started doing a lot of praying," said Iby Hark, Plentywood Resident.

City crews in Plentywood got an early start this morning clearing power lines from the streets.

"It's pretty awful especially since we got our fair coming up in one-two weeks, and it’s a really big deal for our county," said Taylor Ordahl, Plentywood resident.

The National Weather Service reported wind gusts of up to 118 miles an hour, strong enough to overturn trailers and rip through rooftops.

"There were Just a couple of minor injuries that I’m aware of so as far as that goes we are really blessed and survived a really devasting storm with minimal injuries," said Michael Peters, Plentywood Emergency Medical Services program director.

The Sheridan County Airport was also hit hard. The storm tumbled planes and left behind a lot of damage.

"We got 12 hangers that have been damaged and destroyed. We got nine airplanes that were also destroyed so there's a lot of damage here," said Plentywood Fire Chief Bill Nyby.

Crews have been out with tractors removing heavy debris from runways. With another storm forecast to hit it could take workers some time to clear the field.

"We got a lot of maintenance and repair work to do but I’m going to say a least a week," said Nyby.

It’s a disaster that's bringing everyone together to rebuild their community. Residents are encouraged to go to the local courthouse or civic center if they don't have a place to shelter.