Storm impacting road construction

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This early winter storm is going to impact the ongoing construction on the state's major highways and the interstate.

On the project near Richardton, eight miles of concrete has already been laid. The project manager says they sealed the gravel to prevent water from seeping in, and they've insulated the concrete where necessary.

"The biggest risk is a delay, because it will take a little bit of time for the contractor to clear the snow back off of that construction site. There are definitely some things we cannot do while it is raining or snowing," said Jason Fischer, Assistant District Engineer.

The interstate is down to only two lanes in the construction zone.

"We've been in this situation before, so our snow plow operators know how to deal with it. We'll maintain the road just like we would with any other. You know Highway Patrol also have more of a presence out there to monitor conditions," said Fischer.

They expect to finish the work after the snowfall is cleared. ​