Stories of survival at breast cancer symposium in Minot

MINOT, N.D. - A group of breast cancer survivors shared their inspirational stories with members of the Minot community at a special symposium at Trinity CancerCare Center Thursday evening.

The panel of survivors shared how they were diagnosed, their treatments, and the support they received on their road to recovery.

“Sharing my story was important because I attended one of these halfway through my treatment myself here at the cancer center. And you get to very low points, it's hard to press on, so hearing how somebody else got through it, or what they may have done or experienced helps you press on to the end. And you really don't know that it's gonna take a year of your life, or longer to get through the process and the treatments, so for me to come and speak to other people going through the same thing was very important,” said Jodie McMahon Hunnicutt, one of the speakers.

Thursday’s event was the fourth annual breast cancer symposium.