Store at Kirkwood Mall put on fashion show to empower young women

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BISMARCK, N.D. A lot of people struggle with self-confidence.

Girls at Justice's fashion show at the Kirkwood Mall in Bismarck.

Saturday at Kirkwood Mall in Bismarck one store put women's confidence on the catwalk.

Cara Mund has nothing on these girls, but today is more than just about walking the runway. It's about improving self-image.

"I love any opportunity for my little girl to practice having confidence and getting out in front of people and showing her confidence," said Laura Sandberg, mom.

But let's be real, the new clothes help too.

"My favorite part is getting to try on the fun outfits, because that's just fun," said Alexis Thompson, Miss Preteen Flickertail International.

"Once when you but on clothes and you feel good, you put your best foot forward and that's what today is all about. Bonding with the girls putting them in something that they like and letting them just be their best self," said Miracle Aichele, Justice store manager.

The store Justice uses the quarterly fashion shows to show off their new outfits, but also teach some of the youngest women about the importance of self-worth.

"I think its a way for girls to really build confidence in themselves and really express themselves. It's so awesome for young girls to get out in the community and really build confidence in themselves and show how much they love themselves," said Jurny Summers, Miss Bismarck Outstanding Teen.

There were two fashion shows, one at 10:30 and another just after one.