'Steamboats in Dakota Territory: Transforming the Northern Plains'

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BISMARCK A Bismarck native wrote a book about the history of steamboats in the Dakota Territory, and how those steamboats transformed the Northern Plains and made Bismarck a port city.

Author Tracy Potter said his book is a story of stories, telling the tail of the interaction between Native Americans and the United States and how steamboats facilitated the trade but then served as a weapon of war.

"I think our knowledge of history is important to us. I believe it helps inform us in the future. History actually doesn't repeat itself, but it tells us how people really react in various situations. I think it's important to know our history," said Potter.

"Steamboats in Dakota Territory: Transforming the Northern Plains" is being sold for $21.99.

You can go to Barnes and Noble or any historical place such as Fort Lincoln or Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center to buy it.