Station West Owner is Selling the Business

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MANDAN, ND - The City of Mandan has been working to bring more restaurants to the area. Now, one of its dining options is looking to sell.

Station West has been in business since 2013.

Now, the owner is looking to sell by the end September 2019.

"I need a bit of a lifestyle change. I work way too much. So, this is a conversation that came with myself and my wife. And we decided on what are some of the things that we could do to just work a little bit less," explains Edgar Oliveira, the owner of Station West.

While Mandan city officials say restaurants are important to the community, there are currently no incentive programs to help restaurant retention. However, there are options such as gap financing and interest buydown programs for restaurants and other businesses.

"Refinancing is generally not available through various revolving loan pools and programs that's generally a restriction," says Mandan Business Development & Communications Director, Ellen Huber.

There are coaching options available for businesses struggling, like the Small Business Development Center, the Center for Business and Technology, and SCORE.

Huber says Mandan recently chose to sunset the Restaurant Rewards Program that ran from the spring of 2016 to the end of March 2019.

She says the program brought new restaurants to all three of Mandan's business districts.

Huber: "There were new sit down, casual dining restaurants as part of that to compliment it. And so, it was kind of considered mission accomplished," Huber says.

Although the incentive program is no longer available, the Mandan Business Pitch Challenge is currently taking applications.

The Challenge is there to give aspiring entrepreneurs and early startups a boost on their business.

Oliveira says he's been speaking with potential buyers and is hopeful that Station West will continue on as a business.