State, local water officials tour the Missouri River

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With all the rain that's fallen this year, state and local water district leaders wanted to take a closer look at the Missouri River to check conditions along the bank.

The past five days put a lot of water on the Missouri River here in Bismarck, but the river itself hasn't risen that much. State and local water officials are saying the water level isn't the highest concern right now.

Water on the Missouri is higher than it was a month ago, but the Army Corps says the river stage at Bismarck shouldn't get much higher.

That didn't stop water district members from busing around Bismarck and Mandan looking at how different places, like Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, manage water.

“This year, well the water levels are up again. Nothing to be concerned with right now, but if they go up any higher, you know, we'll start our action plan again,” said Dan Schelske, park manager for Fort Lincoln.

The Fort Lincoln campground flooded in March after an ice jam. They pumped out about 6,000,000 gallons of water. Schelske says recent rains made the campgrounds a little wet, but still in good shape. Now the concerns shifts to the banks.

"One of our concerns, obviously, is how much that's going to tear up the banks and erode the banks away over. Not only over the summer, but what will happen this winter,” said Bruce Engelhardt, Morton County Water Resource District.

Drone footage from June shows what last year's high releases did to some of the river banks. These banks are about 2.5 miles north of the BNSF bridge.

“As a lifelong North Dakotan, I hate to ask for dryer weather with some of the droughts we've gone through, but I'm certainly hopeful we don't get any big, widespread rain event,” said Engelhardt.

The river is projected to stay around the current level for the next three weeks.