State, defense speak at sentencing in Adam Ray child sex crimes case

MINOT, N.D. - A Maxbass man who admitted to a series of child sex crimes earlier this year was sentenced to three decades in prison July 20.

Joe Skurzewski was in the Bottineau County Courthouse as Adam Ray learned his fate.

Thirty-five-year-old Adam Ray pleaded guilty in April to a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a minor, following a two-year case involving two abused neighborhood children.

At his sentencing July 20, Ray apologized to the victims, and to the court.

“I pleaded guilty so that the victim would not have to go through public and emotional humiliation of a trial. When I was arrested I told the police the truth, and did not bond out because I knew what I did was wrong,” Ray said.

State Prosecutor Asmundur Benson rebuked Ray's apology, saying that Ray had made himself out as a victim, and recommended a 50-year sentence, with Ray serving 40.

“Mr. Ray's memory has dimmed a bit. But you know what? The memories of these children have not dimmed. They are living with the result of his depraved behavior, and probably will for the rest of their life,” Benson said.

Ray's attorney Ulysses Jones reiterated to the court that his client wanted closure for the victims, and called for a 20-year sentence, with Ray serving 10.

“It is his desire to minimize as much as possible any kind of harmful or prejudicial effects that his actions may continue to have on the minor children involved,” Jones said.

Judge Michael Sturdevant sentenced Ray to 40 years, with him serving 30, noting the repeated nature of the crimes.

“Had the prosecution been so motivated, there could have been as many as 80 separate counts of gross sexual imposition charged against Mr. Ray,” Sturdevant said.

Ray will also register as a sexual offender, and serve ten years' supervised probation upon release.

Ray also pleaded guilty to a separate corruption of a minor charge for the other child, which garnered a flat five-year sentence to run concurrent with the other charge.