State audit finds 61 issues in CHIP, Medicaid programs

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It took the State Auditor’s office more than 16,000 hours to complete the report. Josh Gallion, the state auditor, said the Department of Human Services had 61 different issues with multiple programs including Medicaid, CHIP and child care.

Gallion said those issues could be a problem down the road if they aren't fixed now.

"We don't have unlimited. So when we expend these, they're done so in a manner that does meet requirements, it goes to people that truly need it,” said Gallion.

In the most recent statewide audit, he found 61 different issues in programs run by the department of human services. DHS Director Chris Jones says they started fixing problems before the audit was done.

"Of those 61 audit findings, more than 70 percent have been dealt with before the audit actually came out so many of them had already been addressed,” said Jones.

But some issues still need to be worked out- in child care programs including CHIP and Medicaid. Jones says these issues can be minimized if protocols were changed.

"If we take different levels of bureaucracy out of the process by removing some of these barriers, we'll be able to reduce some of the errors as well,” said Jones.

Gallion says although he isn't aware of any threats to do so, the federal government can withhold money from these programs.

"It always exists. That's the stick, the carrot and the stick approach. They can withhold these things and that's why it's important that we do the best job that we can to ensure we continue getting these resources,” said Gallion.

The auditor’s office projected 5.5 million in overpayment to child care providers.

Jones says that the known error in spending was $648,000, .018 percent percent of the department's $3.6 billion budget.