State agencies prepare for the worst

Published: Oct. 11, 2019 at 9:11 PM CDT
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As the winter weather winds up in North Dakota, state agencies are preparing for the worst just in case.

Getting stuck in bad weather can take a quick turn for the worse. Lack of heat or transportation can be lethal as the temperature drops, but North Dakotans are used to helping out.

"We've had reports of stranded, they might be near a farmstead, and the farmer gets in his tractor and gets out there, gets them to a warm place and takes care of them. You know, that's North Dakotans, neighbors helping neighbors," said Maj. Gen. Alan Dohrmann, adjutant general.

Most people get picked up by the Highway Patrol when stuck on the interstate, and when they can't make it, the National Guard will.

"Potentially some snow plow, sand truck support to help plow us a trail, because, again, we don't magically float over the snow, but help get us a trail there," said Cpt. Robert Peleschak, operations officer.

Emergency services staff is ready at the phone to help agencies communicate statewide.

"We just make sure those lines of communication are in place, that we have those conversations ahead of time, so if the event does come where we need to have a state response, we're moving quickly," said Dohrmann.

They started the conversation days before the snow fell so that everyone can be ready.

The Civil Air Patrol handles 90% of search and rescue operations nationwide and are working on finding a plane that went missing between Aberdeen and Oakes. The bad weather has delayed rescue operations. ​

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