State Tax Commissioner Rauschenberger doesn't intend to resign following DUI

State Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger says he will not resign following his arrest for DUI.

Rauschenberger spoke about his struggle with alcohol, he says he became lax with his treatment and is remorseful for his actions.

"I do want to apologize to everyone that this happened and I want everybody to know that I feel good and I'm seeking additional treatment," said Rauschenberger.

Rauschenberger was arrested for DUI on September 30th. The tax commissioner has admitted to struggling with addiction and has sought treatment. Rauschenberger says he thought he was doing well and had a handle on his addiction, then he stopped being diligent with his treatment.

"When you're in treatment and you have an addiction you need to keep going to continued care. You need to keep going to your counselor, you can't let up on that, because that's when you slip up on and things go off the rails," said Rauschenberger.

He says he contacted the governor almost immediately and he hasn't been asked to resign. In the short term he will use his job as an avenue to improve his help.

"As far as continued treatment, I do not plan on taking any kind of leave of absence or time away from work, I look forward to continuing my service at the tax department," said Rauschenberger.

Rauschenberger says he is considering all options and will make a decision about his future in the coming weeks.

Rauschenberger has a previous incident involving alcohol. He lent his car to a person he met in treatment who crashed it while driving under the influence.