State Reimbursing Feed Transportation Costs

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 7:16 PM CST
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North Dakota's Emergency Commission unveiled a cost-share program that will reimburse eligible producers for a portion of feed transportation expenses.

The program has a $250,000 pocket book, but comes with eligibility requirements.

To qualify, a producer must have been unable to cut corn at the appropriate time to make silage, have hay that was flooded, and must have at least 25 animals.

In a statement, Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said:

"Some producers have lost feed or were unable to access feed and have had to purchase hay or feed. This program will assist producers with defraying some of those transportation costs."

Gov. Doug Burgum added, "This is a narrow program to try to support our livestock producers in this extremely challenging area of feed availability and access."

The costs had to have been incurred from September 30 to January 31 of next year. Applications can be found at the Department of Agriculture Website and are due February 10.

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