State Radio emergency dispatcher receives last call after 30 years of service

Published: Jun. 28, 2020 at 4:06 PM CDT
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"Janet, on behalf of myself and the North Dakota Highway Patrol we'd like to thank you for over 30 years of service to public safety. We thank you for always having our backs, we wish you good luck in your retirement and we wish you the best," said a North Dakota Highway patrol officer, "10-4, thank you," said State Radio communication supervisor, Janey Jacobson-Wentz.

There wasn't dry eye in the room for this state radio emergency dispatcher. This was Janet Jacobson-Wentz's 'last call'. In her more than three decades as a dispatcher, she said her co-workers have become like family.

"You develop a relationship with these officers and it's our...we I guess our their life line so it's kind of...a really heavy responsibility and so it was just really emotional for me," said Jacobson-Wentz.

She isn't ready to completely retire just yet, she plans to take a long vacation with family before figuring out her next project. She said the biggest change during her tenure was going from handwriting call information to special computerized mapping systems.