State Penitentiary inmates make toys in time for the holidays

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BISMARCK, N.D. - In the spirit of the holiday’s, several inmates at the state penitentiary came together to create a toy.

Rough Rider Industries provides services for many businesses across the state. Now, they’re making teddy logs, and inmates across the prison are allowed to buy them for their children on the outside.

Inmates or Santa’s helpers?

Rough Rider at the North Dakota State Penitentiary has turned into a small scale toy shop while building what they’re calling "Teddy Logs."

“We had our kids in mind when we were building them. So, they are very kid friendly, they’re easy to put together,” said inmate Alex Houim.

Their inspiration came from Theodore Roosevelt’s cabin. The toy serves as a piggy bank or a bird house.

Roughriders Production Manager Peter Fried said: “This was an opportunity for them to show their own creative thinking. And put some of their ideas and thoughts into the projects. The Teddy Logs are a design created by the workers out here.”

And Inmates, are allowed to buy them through commissary for people on the outside.

“I’ve bought three," said Houim. "Yes! They’ll be here this weekend to pick it up.”

They all agree, this helps prepare the inmates to be a part of society once they’re released and get into the Christmas spirit.

And people in the community can purchase them, too.

They’re available at the Heritage Center and at Embroidery and Gifts at Kirkwood Mall.