State Fair grounds prepare for next week's events

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Minot, N.D. While families prepare for the state fair, staff starts the finishing touches on the fair grounds.

In just one week the grounds will be filled with the smell of fresh cooked food, the sound of music and hundreds of people waiting to enjoy it all.

But what goes into preparing for one of the most memorable state fairs?

"The preparation is a year-long process. Our grounds crew has been very busy the last couple of months getting these grounds to look beautiful. And they do," says Renae Korslien, general manager.

"They're incredible. But then it's the setup. Ya know all of these things take a long time to set up and so they have been getting the barns ready, getting the stalls set, getting the flags put up. It takes a long time to get 600 exhibitors all in place," continues Korslien.

Many of the food stands are in place, a few campers have already showed up and the 4-H Hall is nearly ready for the big show.

Community members say they're excited for this year's fair, some of which have traveled a long way to the peace garden state.

"I'm from Italy we just moved here four months ago and I'm very excited to go to the fair because it's something typical from the U.S., and I've never seen it. So to me it's gonna be something, uh, totally new and I heard it's amazing," say Teresa Di Benedicto, first time fair-goer.

"I'm more excited for the kids to get to experience the fair and get to go on the little rides, and try all the new things," the Anderson family added. They attend every year.

"We go every year, it's just kind of a thing we do, we get tickets for the rides for my kids and we go every day," says Michelle Freebury, state fair attendee.

Korslien says that management has tried to put together a fun and affordable state fair the whole family can enjoy.

The fair kicks off July 22. To find out more about the state fair and it's deals go to their website