State Board of Higher Education votes to protect student privacy by implementing new policy

Published: Jun. 9, 2020 at 4:22 PM CDT
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The State Board of Higher Education voted unanimously to protect student privacy by implementing a new policy that safeguards their personal data.

North Dakota University System leaders said this policy assures students that their personal data is used in a responsible way.

The policy not only reaffirms Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act guidelines, otherwise known as FERPA, but it also addresses student data protection against third-party vendors.

This policy assures all student that any third-party education service used by their university isn't going to use their data irresponsibly.

The university system will make sure the services used are asking for appropriate information.

For example, if an application is asking for a student location and that information is not important for the apps use then the university will look at working with a different company.

North Dakota University Systems’ Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Lisa Johnson said, "So this really took it one step further as we move into the digital age and being mindful of how their information is used."

North Dakota University system leaders said they are striving to protect students' personal identifiable information from unauthorized use and are glad to work with the North Dakota Student Association to get this policy in place.