State Auditor Josh Gallion reissues City of Williston audit

Published: Nov. 6, 2019 at 10:13 PM CST
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State Auditor Josh Gallion reissued a 2018 audit of the City of Williston, and still found six areas of concern, but withdrew two that were on the previous audit.

Gallion took out one concern on a properly disclosed partnership, and another on a closed-meetings violation.

Gallion said he found more than $100 million that was omitted from financial statements; around $8 million more than the original audit. The City says they did provide those numbers in their statements, and disagrees with his findings.

Gallion said the City could lose future federal funding for the airport or have to pay back federal awards because the airport improvement grant was not submitted on time, but the City says they did submit it on time, and disagrees with that finding as well.

Gallion found several other errors in the financial statements. The City said it’s fixing those errors, and uses private auditors to complete their financial statements due to time restrictions and the size of the City.

Gallion said that increases the risk for mistakes.