Stark County Sheriff’s office launches a chaplain program

Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 8:44 AM CDT
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The Stark County Sheriff's Office now has a full-time Chaplain.

Chaplain Bob Zent is no stranger to the department.

He had previously worked part-time, helping with death notifications.

First responders often see things that many wouldn't even begin imagine.

The chaplain says many bottle those feelings up and talking through tragedies is important.

Stark County Sheriff Corey Lee: "We see some pretty horrible and horrific things in law enforcement and sometimes the guys just need somebody to talk to. It's nice to have that resource there for us."

Being an ear to those who may need it.

Bob Zent/ Stark County Sheriff Chaplain: "If they suck it up long enough, they're going to blow. You can only hold that stuff for so long. There's a lot to deal with."

Zent says building the relationship with the deputies before a tragedy is just as important.

Sheriff Lee says having the program is a priority.

Lee: "We're very concerned about the spiritual and mental health of our department. And the chaplain really helps enforce that and aide in that whole process."

He says he's excited to see the program go to the next level.

Sheriff Lee says their goal is to have a 2 chaplain program by the end of September.

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