St. Joseph montessori program

Published: Jan. 18, 2020 at 5:50 PM CST
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St. Joseph School in Mandan introduced Montessori-style education into their classroom and the principal and pastor hopes it will boost enrollment.

At St. Joseph School this room is known as the children's house where the teachers are not teaching but guiding students along the way, letting the material do the teaching.

"I first encountered Montessori, I remember the first thing I thought was that wow I wish I had this as a kid," said Head Children’s House Guide, Alex Nearing.

Each day the group 3 through 6-year-old learn practical life skills like floor washing, hand washing and food preparation in personal one-on-one lessons.

"She teaches us lessons and she do lots of stuff to take care of us," said five-year-old, Harmony.

Each part of the house is sectioned off into a subject area like care of environment and care of self. Anything dirty in the house is cleaned by the children.

"Of all the different kinds of methods and that, that I've seen Montessori is a very effective one at sort of feeding all the different dimensions of the child, " said Principal, David Fleischacker.

Fleischacker says if anyone has any questions or concerns about how the program works the best option to is go observe a children's house.

Enrollment is open now to August and if you want to set up a time to observe the classroom call St. Joseph School at 701-663-9562.

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