St. Gabriel’s Community in Bismarck launches Senior Crimestoppers program

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 5:43 PM CST
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A nationally recognized senior citizen program is being implemented into Bismarck’s St. Gabriel’s Community, to protect workers and residents against theft, abuse and neglect.

First International Bank and Trust partnered with CRA Partnership to sponsor the Senior Crimestoppers program at St. Gabriel's Community.

CRA designs a custom program that is implemented into the community that allows people giving crime tips to remain anonymous.

A program aimed to protect employees and residents in assisted living.

"It protects local seniors from crime and has components that have proven over our 20-year history in the industry to reduce crime and instances of abuse over 95 percent," said Ron Brooks, relationship management for CRA.

Senior Crimestoppers provides those within the community an anonymous number to call to report crime or abuse.

Directors say this third-party line allows reporters to give tips without fear of retribution.

"It’s another way for guests to communicate with them easily. It'll offer our employees another area to communicate with Crimestoppers, and for our guests as well, to have that anonymous person be able to reach out, call them without having to go to someone that works here directly and then have the fear of someone finding out," said Andrea Engle, marketing and foundation director for St. Gabriel’s.

The program also provides information to staff and family members about possible future incidents.

"Staff always looks for opportunities to improve and mitigate any instances of abuse and so we provide on-going training," said Brooks.

Senior Crimestoppers is an opportunity for St. Gabriel's to support and enrich their community.

"When we work with a senior facility, it doesn't mean that there is an existing issue, we're just solidifying the community, so think of it like a neighborhood watch," said Brooks.

They say this plan will continue to provide residents and workers with support in a time of need.

"If something were to ever happen, they would have a good experience with it, for things to go easy, and if there are things or concerns for them to bring it up to us and for us to continue to improve it as it goes," said Engle.

Residents who utilize the Senior Crimestoppers tipline can be paid up to $1,000 in cash rewards.

This initiative is the third in the state, but first here in Bismarck.