Spring wheat planting gets a late start

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 8:14 PM CDT
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After a cool April, wheat farmers are finally heading into the fields to finish up spring planting.

According to ND Wheat Commission leaders, this time last year North Dakota wheat producers had 58% of the state's spring wheat planted, this year that number is at 41%.

ND Wheat Commission leaders said the more time a plant has to develop under optimal temperature conditions, the better the yield potential for the crop.

Some producers are still seeing effects from last fall which has hindered this process.

ND Wheat Commission’s Policy and Marketing Director Jim Peterson said, "The biggest reason we're a bit behind is just April has been so cool that it's taken awhile for the soil temps to kind of you know warm up and the frost to leave the ground in some areas."

Peterson said 47% if this year durum crop is in the ground.

Farmers who were going to plant corn are switching to other crops because of the collapsed of the ethanol market due to low oil prices.

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