Sports card collecting craze

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Collecting baseball, football, hockey and basketball cards is a hobby many sports enthusiasts enjoy.

Vintage cards were the craze back in the day, but today modern-day cards are taking over.

Those three words explain the art of collecting sports cards for Kelly Wrangham, owner of Sports Cards 4 U.

"Our goal is to ultimately get more kids involved, but also bring adults back that used to do it," said Kelly Wrangham, Owner of Sports Cards 4 U.

The items Wrangham has on display include diamond, jersey, and autograph cards. Those types carry the highest price tags.

"You can get a Tony Gwynn cut autograph card, or a Brian Sandberg jersey card, Wade Boggs autograph card," said Wrangham.

The owner of Sports Cave says there is no wrong or right way to collect cards.

"It's your collection. Collect the way you want to, and collect how you want to. There's different ways too, you can collect the memorabilia cards, the autograph cards," said Chris Magstadt, owner of Sports Cave.

The value of cards can be as uncertain as a stock market, because you have to guess which athletes will become stars.

"They'll take a gamble on them and hopefully he makes it into the big leagues and hits it big. Mike Trout was a big one that started off as a $20, $30 autograph and now it's worth thousands. Some of them make it, some of them don't, it's just the gamble that you take," said Magstadt.

Magstadt said collecting cards is an inexpensive hobby the whole family can enjoy.

Collecting sports cards is an international hobby, because online groups sell cards to other enthusiasts all around the world.

Carson Wentz cards can be sold for as little as $2 up to thousands of dollars, depending on if you want an autographed jersey card or not.