Sports card and comic book show returns to Bismarck

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The 2nd annual Sports Card and Comic Book Show was in town today at Moose Lodge in Bismarck.

The show had a variety of comic books and sports cards such as Roger Maris or Carson Wentz cards. They also have different memorabilia, and other miscellaneous items like signed baseball jerseys or old Marvel figurines for the public to buy.

Some vendors have been collecting these items for years and they enjoy showing them off to the public. The vendors say they like meeting people of all ages who are interested in comic books and sports cards.

"Oh it's a lot of fun, definitely. And it's a prefect weekend to have it because it's in between the end of the play offs and the super bowl so it's kind of a dead weekend, we fill it in this way. Getting together, buying and selling and trading," says event coordinator David Renner.

The show was only open today, but there is always next years event to get out and buy sports cards and comic books.