Sports Spotlight: Tonya Dvorak

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Playing sports has always come naturally to Tonya Dvorak. In the fall, she’s on the golf course, but come the winter sports season, she’s on the court. “I like golf, but basketball is definitely my favorite,” said Dvorak.

Despite feeling more at home on the hardwood, it was on the green where she had her favorite sports moment. “Definitely winning state golf last year was a very big one. I won one for BHS, but it’s different when it’s your actual school. But I think that was probably my highlight," said Dvorak.

As this is her final season as a Saint, she still has time to reach her goal on the basketball court. Though, it’s a pretty tall task.

“I mean, I have certain ones. I’ve always wanted to be able to dunk, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen this year or not. I’ve been able to grab the rim since sophomore year, but I haven’t been able to get over that, so that’s kind of my hurdle right now. We’ll try practice first, so I don’t look like a weirdo in the game,” said Dvorak.

So, there’s no guarantee that we could see her throwing it down anytime soon. But what we will see her do in the future is play college ball at the University of Mary. “First of all, I want my parents to be able to watch me, because they’ve helped me in every step of the way of my basketball career, and just forming me as a person, and they have a great coaching staff out there, and the players out there right now are phenomenal,” said Dvorak.

It’s not just Dvorak that’s excited to start her college career at the University of Mary. St. Mary’s senior Sydney Smith said, “I think she’s going to be really successful out there, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for her.”

“I think that when she went there this summer, was playing when they came and visited, and she went to some of the camps, you can tell that was, kind of where she always wanted to go,” said Kaitlyn Wanner, Saints senior. But that will come next winter. Right now, she’s got her mind focused on this season. And that’s exactly how her team would describe her.

“Intense, and focused,” said Shannon Copas, Saints head coach.

Smith adds, “yes, Tonya’s very intense.” But as Wanner puts it, “she has her moments when she’s super intense, but she’s also super kind-hearted.”

“She also takes other things in life very seriously, like school, and she just has those qualities of a good person that is a good leader,” said Copas.

Smith mentions that, “she’s like, if you look at her, she’s just serious the whole time; it’s just great. You can never tell if she’s happy or mad. Off the court she’s funny and stuff, it’s just on the court she’s all seriousness.”

A stern attitude with a bright future ahead.

The Saints will be on the road on Thursday to play Moorhead.