Sports Spotlight: Rhett & Chris Clements

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BISMARCK, N.D. - High School players have long talked with their dad about the head coach. When Sabers quarterback Rhett Clements talks to his dad, he's also speaking to the man in charge of the Legacy football program.

Rhett Clements is a three sport athlete for the Legacy Sabers. In the fall, he plays football, in the winter he's on the basketball court, and in the spring he's on the track.

"I like both of them, but I'd probably say football is my favorite sport but basketball is a close second. I just like the bond that football gives you and like the life lessons that you learn. You learn life lessons in every sport but there's just seems to be a special bond between us football players," said Rhett.

During the football season, the starting quarterback is led by his father, Legacy head coach Chris Clements.

"There could be good things and there could be bad things. The bad is if I get upset with him or too hard on him then I hear it from his mother, so you know that's not a good thing. But the good thing is that we can, you know, sit and watch film and talk about things and outside of the practice field which is a good thing," said Chris.

"I think he separates them really well. He's a lot different at home then he is on the field, so I don't know, it's pretty easy," said Rhett.

Rhett is now in his third and final season as the starting quarterback for the Sabers. Chris believes his knowledge, confidence, and decision making are big factors why this is his best season as the Sabers quarterback.

"He's pretty heady, doesn't get rattled real easy, he's got a pretty calm demeanor about him, but he's very intelligent football player. I think just the calmness he brings that the guys around him and, you know, I think guys look to him to lead the way and he's been doing a pretty good job of that," Chris said.

Rhett has expressed his desire to play football in college. When the Clements' make that transition next fall, Chris will be another father and fan in the stands.

"Well, anytime you have one leave the nest it's tough, you know, just like all my kids, you don't want to see them go," said Chris..

The Sabers host the Mandan Braves this Friday. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. CT at the Sanford Sports Complex.