Sports Spotlight: Murray & Andersen

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KILLDEER, N.D. - When High School athletes become college athletes, it usually breaks up athletes who have been teammates for a long time but that is not the case for Killdeer duo in this week's Sports Spotlight.

Trae Murray and Sydney Anderson just helped Class-B win a pair of Lion's All-Star Basketball games, but their time on the court together is not over yet.

Anderson and Murray have been friends since they started playing basketball together at eight years old.

"I mean we've had tons of sleepovers. You can probably not even imagine how many sleepovers we've had," said Anderson.

That off-the-court bond helped build one of the best tandems in girls basketball.

"Yeah she's always been there for me, since third grade on its just been attached at the hip. We have this weird connection on the court so we always laugh about it because she'll be running down the court and I'll give her this eye and she's like, 'yeah pass me the ball.'"

The girls always had their sights set on reaching the Class B state championship, which they accomplished after winning the region 7 tournament this past season.

"Ever since we've been little we're like, 'we want to make it to the state championship,' and sophomore year we came close in the region tournament, we lost out, and then Junior year we thought we had it but we lost out. Senior year came and we knew at the beginning of the season like, this is it, we have to go for it, and we got it. I remember when that buzzer went off at the region tournament. First thing happen I fell to the ground I was so happy. I remember Sydney picked me up and she goes, 'we did it,' and we walked back to our coach together and that was kind of a gold moment there," said Murray/

The duo had another vision that went beyond high school..

"I remember when we were little we would talk about like how cool it would be to play together, and then when the opportunity came were like, 'we have to do this,'" said Murray.

They accomplished that goal when Bismarck State's Marv Pedersen offered them both a spot on the Mystics basketball team.

"We actually signed together, yeah, we went and signed together. Trae was talking to Coach Pedersen and then he came to the civic center and so then we went together and signed. It was comforting knowing that I had a friend going there and another teammate, so yeah, it made the process a lot easier and a lot less nerve racking. You know you go your separate ways sometimes after high school and when we signed it kind of hit me that we both signed together. I was like, 'wow, that's a good feeling,'" said Anderson.

Murry and Anderson helped Class-B outscore Class-A 72-70 on Monday in Bismarck ,and the Class-B victory in Fargo Tuesday night was by a score of 78-73.