Sports Spotlight: Mandan trio of brothers

Kaleigh Emery Every basketball team has something different that others might not have. For the Mandan Braves boy's team, they have three sets of brothers helping make up this varsity team.

Mandan boys basketball head coach Brandon Schafer says, "It's interesting." While junior Trey Wiest says, "It's all fun and games."

But according to senior Trae Steckler, "we kind of forget about, not the brother part, we're related, that's about it, and we're teammates right now."

Cam and Trae Steckler, Jaxton and Trey Wiest, and Brandon and Brent Schafer make up the trio of bros on this Mandan boys basketball team. It's a unique situation, given that they're the only team in the WDA with three sets of siblings that help make up their varsity program. But, they make it work.

"I think we do a good job,” Trae said. “You know my brother and I all hold ourselves accountable, and I'm sure they do the same for each other, I mean, that's just something that's kind of unique because each one of us knows that their brother's strengths are."

"Trae and I kind of bicker at each other, and at the end of the day we love each other, and we know it's just to get each other better," added Cameron.

Sophomore Jaxton said, "There's a little sibling rivalry, but I feel like we're all, every set of brothers are just grateful for each other, and we're happy when we do something good."

His brother Trey said, "Well I think the chemistry is really good, like we all just get along really well, we all know each other really well, and it's even better that we're all brothers."

This band of brothers doesn't seem to stray too far from the each other off the court either. Shafer is assisted by, you guessed it, his brother Brent.

"It's a lot of fun, I mean me and Brent, we live together, so we're talking basketball all the time, so I think that's a great thing," Schafer said.

Brent said, "He looks older, but he's actually younger than I am. You can definitely tell when the brothers are guarding each other, how much more of an intensity they have, because you definitely don't want to be shown up by your brother in practice."

Luckily for these guys, practice is the only time they ever have to worry about playing against each other.

The Braves will be on the court on Thursday at the Scheels Center for the Super-A Quarterfinals at 4:00 p.m/ CT to take on Fargo Shanley.