Sports Spotlight: Josh Sipes and Kade Amundson

BISMARCK, N.D. - Like for many student-athletes, friendships are made on the basketball court. That holds true for Josh Sipes and Kade Amundson.

"I played with him since he was a kid. He joined our travel ball team in the 6th grade, and he walked in, and everyone was shocked because he was taller than me, because I was the tall kid. And everyone's like, 'who is this guy?' One of the guys on the team, Kade Lynch came over and was like, 'Josh, I think this kids' taller than you!'" said Sipes.

Taller? Yes. But it's not necessarily about height, as these guys have been playing for longer than they can really remember.

"Oh, I don't even know, I mean, it's fun. We've been playing together since we were kids, and it's always fun. I mean, playing high school together, we go through the crappy practices together, we get through it, but at the end of the day we get to play and have some fun," said Amundson.

"We've been best friends all the way up through that, and yeah, that was kind of a dream was to play college ball together ever since we were little, and it happened to work out that way," Sipes added.

These guys will be headed South in the fall, but only by about 10 miles as they will be playing at the University of Mary. So, you can say they're a package deal. "I suppose you can say that. I mean it worked out. Mary wanted us both, and we're happy to play for them, and it will be a fun couple of years after that," Amundson explained.

These guys plan on staying local for their collegiate career because, as it turns out, they wanted the same thing. They wanted to pick a school with a great nursing program, and to play their favorite sport in front of their family. "Just playing in front of the hometown crowd, being in town, being close to family and stuff, was a big thing for me," said Sipes.

It will be a bit of a reunion when they get to U-Mary, as they'll join their a former high school teammate. "Oh, I'm really excited for that. I mean we all miss Lucas Mayer, so I'm excited to play with him again." Amundson added.

But regardless of the team these guys play for, Sipes says it not all about you. "You know, you have four other guys that you can play with and share the ball with, if you have an off night, your teammates can pick you up, you know. And it's just, a group of guys, you make a lot of great memories to last a lifetime on that team," Sipes says. And that team right now, is Century.

Sipes and Amundson will join the Patriots as they’re back on the court on Friday to play Williston.