Sports Spotlight – Cameron Jorda and Tanner Ouellette

Cam Jorda and Tanner Ouellette were both top of their class academically at Dickinson High, and they have attracted college interest for baseball. They both have a tough, and striking similar decision to make when they’re going to school this fall.

It’s the question every high school senior dreads. Jorda says, “I don’t really mind talking about it. I just wish I had an answer for people.”

Where are you going to college? Cam Jorda and Tanner Ouellette of Dickinson haven’t answered that question yet, but they face an identical dilemma.

Jorda says, “It’s either UND and pursue…”“
“to study pre-med, or” adds Ouellette.
“Go play baseball at either University of Minnesota Duluth, or Concordia’s been talking to me,” mentions Jorda.
“We’re in the same boat actually. Yep” Ouellette adds.

It’s only appropriate, given how close the two have been their entire lives.

Dickinson Roughriders head coach Stephen Greenwood says, “Cam and Tanner have been best friends since kindergarten. They’re next door neighbors. Great kids. Academically, they are top notch of their class. Tied for first I believe, doesn’t matter what they touch, they go all out and they exceed at it.”

It’s a good problem to have. Even better, that they can bounce it off one another.

Jorda says, “it’s been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make so far.” Unlike Jorda, Tanner thinks, “it’s pretty awesome having like a peer that you can just talk to about it and see what their views are on it, and it’s always better to have two brains going at something, so we talk about it a lot.”

They’ve been there for the good times, like when Jorda won Gatorade Player of the Year.

“That’s an awesome accomplishment and he puts the work in, always puts the work in, and he totally deserves it,” Ouellette says.

They celebrated a state title together in 2016, and felt the heart-ache of losing one earlier this month. “One last game, and West Fargo played the best game of their lives and we didn’t have a very good game so, it’s not how we want to go out,” Ouellette says.

While mulling their college decisions, one thing is clear. Come the State legion Tournament, Cam and Tanner want another crack and West Fargo. Jorda describes it as, “the team that played them in the championship, was not who Dickinson is. It’s not what Dickinson baseball is, and we’ve got to show them what we’re made of out here.”

Their life-long teammates may be uncertain about their future, but first, they have some unfinished business.

If Cam and Tanner both choose UND for pre-med, they plan to be roommates in Grand Forks this fall.