Spike in Bismarck water bills

BISMARCK, N.D. - Bismarck residents have noticed a spike in their water bills and some aren't happy about it.

The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

"Since we haven't had any good rain it's been horrible, we had noticed that it had went up considerably," said Bismarck resident, Brian Albertson.

Albertson says if the summer is dry this year, the price change won't be fair.

"That's not going to be easy, because if it don't rain, this is a corner lot I'd like to keep green," he added.

And many other resident share the same opinion, bringing their concerns to Facebook.

But Mike Connelly who is also a local says he is trying to help members of the Facebook group understand the spike. He added Public Works is doing the right thing and has done a good job putting information out since August through several news outlets.

"Some people are mad, some people want to be mad," said Connelly.

Michelle Klose, Director of Utility operations says the city has been using more water than it needs to and treating and holding water in the plant is expensive.

"We're trying to make sure we actually have the supply needed for peak water season so when everybody is watering, filling the swimming pools, that there is water supply available in our water tanks, we have not had a good situation last couple of years in June, we have actually had shortages in the NW part of our town," said Klose.

Albertson says he is going to do his best to lessen water use. Connelly says by going to city meetings, locals are able to state their opinion and know exactly what is going on.

Klose says if residents want to know exact analytics of their water usage, to go to the Bismarck Public Works website, put your account number from your bill, and your water meter number, and the city will provide charts with information.