Speed limit reduced on Highway 2 near Ross

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MINOT, N.D. - If you're heading out west, you won't be going as fast through the town of Ross anymore.

A woman recently worked with the Department of Transportation to get the speed reduced on Highway 2.

Frances Zetlmaier moved to Ross six years ago.

"I love it here in Ross, I love this little town," says Frances Zetlmaier, Ross City Council Member, resident.

Two years ago she joined the city council to make Ross more safe, particularly on Highway 2.

"We have a couple of corners, we have a hill on either side and they really need to slow down," says Zetlmaier.

After a few accidents near town, Zetlmaier joined with community members and sprung into action.

Just last year a severe accident happened near the city of Ross. The people of Ross have been working with the DOT to ensure safety on Highway 2 by lowering the speed limit.

After a two year process with the Department of Transportation, the speed limit near the entrance to Ross has been lowered from 70 to 60 for about five miles.

The DOT says the process often takes a long time to ensure that changes are safe and necessary.

"Sometime the confusion is that reducing limit will be safer and that's not always the case. It actually can be more of a hazard because you're creating more of a difference in speed limit," says ND Department of Transportation.

The Mountrail County Sheriff's Department patrols the area and says slowing down traffic was important for Ross families.

"It was a change that was best for the well fair of the general public and the individuals passing through there with the lower speed limit, they will have a chance to respond and react if somebody did pull out in front of them," says Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson.

Zetlmaier says she hopes to work with the DOT again to get downward slope signs posted.

The Mountrail County Sheriff says the 60 mile per hour speed limit is enforced and could cost you a minimum of $25 if you go over.