Special students crowned Dickinson High School Homecoming King and Queen

Published: Sep. 30, 2016 at 7:38 PM CDT
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Friday, Dickinson High School celebrated their homecoming. Two very special students were crowned homecoming king and queen at the school's pep rally.

It's a moment every high school student dreams of. And dreams came true for two special Dickinson High School students today.

"I'm excited and I'm super proud of myself,"says Maddie Wehri, Dickinson High School Homecoming Queen.

Seniors Maddie Wehri and Braden Tooz are this year's homecoming queen and king.

Classmates say they're nothing short of extraordinary.

"He never fails to pump you up before a game. And he is by far the most exciting. He just gets everybody ready," says Cam Jorda, senior.

Tooz has been on the football team since freshman year. His coach and teammates say he brings the energy on and off the field.

"Always pumping up the crowd. You know, he loves football, and he loves to be around the guys, and the guys love to be around him," says John Tuchscherer, Dickinson High School Football Coach.

And friends say Wehri smiles at everyone she passes, brightening people's days.

"Maddie always tries to make people feel special. She's always smiling and happy," says Sarah Doitz, senior.

"She's very kind," says Sadi Dvorak, senior.

Vice principal Jay Hepperle says the senior class pushed for the pair to win. They got an overwhelming amount of votes from the student body.

"Started to get into the numbers and we were like 'Wow, these kids. All of these kids wanted them to win,'" says Hepperle.

Hepperle says the graduating seniors grew from being at Dickinson High School, but the school also learned from their example. ​

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