Special Olympics USA Medalist Bowls a Win in Dubai

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MANDAN, ND - Life is full of strikes and gutter balls.

One Mandan woman proves that with practice and determination, you can knock down obstacles.

Jan Moser spent almost 20 years perfecting her game at Midway Lanes in Mandan.

She toppled every pin in her way and went on to represent North Dakota on the Special Olympics USA Bowling Team.

Resolve, passion and focus.

Jan Moser is on a roll.

"I love it so much. It's lots of fun. It's no competition. It's just bowling for fun,” Moser says.

Since 1990, Moser has dedicated her time to the game. She has been involved on Special Olympics teams since she started bowling.

All her practice led to success.

"It paid off that, when all my coaches were so proud of me that they thought, 'oh let's just send her to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and see what she can do there," she says.

After four weeks of practice sessions with the local Special Olympics team, Jan competed in a regional competition.

Moser went on to the state tournament. From there, she was selected to travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to bowl on the Special Olympics USA team.

"We bowled single, double and team. Team won gold and singles won silver," Moser says.

Moser came back from Middle East representing North Dakota as a Special Olympics USA medalist.

"Coming out here for that long. Why wouldn't anyone be proud of someone like that? Jan's been doing great. It's nice having her come out of a bowling ally like this. Midway Lanes is definitely appreciative towards her for what she's done and accomplished over seas for medals. I think everyone in North Dakota should be proud of what she was able to do," Midway Lanes Manager Darin Helbling says.

Moser's message is clear. Never let the fear of rolling a gutter ball keep you from beating a 7-10 split.

"Anything's possible,” Moser says.

Moser says she hopes her dreams inspires others to dream too.

Moser still practices her bowl several days a week at Midway Lanes.