SpartanNash distribution center in Minot impacting rural grocers

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PARSHALL, N.D.- Workers at the SpartanNash distribution center in Minot have known since early March that their facility was closing.

But the news is expected to have a ripple effect on the grocers who get their products from SpartanNash, especially in rural North Dakota.

For Richard Bolkan, the owner of Food Pride in Parshall, the news of SpartanNash's closure was not something he wanted to hear.

“The fact is it makes things every bit a little more challenging,” he said.

Bolkan said he'll need to think on his feet now that his food distributor is based six hours away in Fargo, instead of one hour away in Minot.

“Now we have to have our orders in a little sooner and we have to make sure we order enough quantities,” he said.

North Dakota businesses are used to dealing with adverse weather conditions, but now with shipments of product coming from six hours away instead of one, those challenges are about to get tougher.

“In the winter time, I could see where we could be out of product for maybe several days, until they get here,” Bolkan said.

In a statement from SpartanNash, their communications VP said "they are obligated to make tough decisions when it is necessary to improve efficiencies and secure the long-term future of SpartanNash. We value our Minot associates' contributions and are grateful for their service and dedication over the years."

Now, the company's customers may have a tough road ahead.

SpartanNash said they are working to make a seamless transition for its customers.
The distribution center in Minot used to be run by Nash Finch before Spartan Stores merged with them in 2014.