Spa D' Athena owners liquidating assets to pay off debt

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Spa D' Athena is being sued by the North Dakota Attorney General's office to honor hundreds of consumer gift cards sold before the business closed on Oct. 27.

The owners of the spa are liquidating all their assets to pay off some of their debt.

Fargo Liquidators is an affiliate with K-Bid online auctions, which is posting some of the spa's inventory on Facebook.

All these items are being liquidated by Fargo Liquidators.

"We are selling pretty much anything and everything out of the building, via product or equipment. It is broken up into four parts because of the large amount of equipment that's there," said Michael Nygaard, Fargo Liquidators.

Nygaard said the auction is attracting a lot of attention, and people have been asking him if they can use their gift cards.

The answer to that question is, "no." Nygaard says they can't.

Jeannie Kamp received a $95 gift card as a birthday present. She says she can't use it for anything.

"What are we supposed to do with them? I mean, I have this gift card sitting at home. I'm a busy mom of three looking forward to my massage and now I can't use it," said Kamp, Bismarck resident.

The Director of the Consumer Protection Division says the goal of the Attorney General's Office is to get refunds to consumers for their gift cards, but he doesn't think the auction will generate much income.

"It's really going to become a matter of what are the priorities for the use of any money that's received as a result of any auction or sales of existing equipment, inventory, etc.," said Consumer Protection Division Director Parrell Grossman.

The online auction can be found on K-Bid Online Auction's Facebook page.