Soybean producers concerned about harvest

DES LACS, N.D. - The winter storm is wreaking havoc for our state's soybean producers.

“Some of these pods are shelling out and that happens when we get moisture, they dry, they get wet again,” said Amanda Kopp, farmer.

Kopp and her family farm soybeans, barley, wheat, flax, and sunflower near Des Lacs. She says the weather has stalled her soybean harvest, and is concerned the pods may pop, causing her to lose her yield.

“The longer it sits out here, the more moisture it sits in, and the colder we get, obviously we're losing days, we're losing daylight and heat, heat units every day, so we want to try to get this stuff off as quick as we can,” she said.

Kopp says that she and her family remain hopeful that they're going to get their harvest in before the season's out. Now, they're just praying for some sun.