South Prairie goes green for Abby

SOUTH PRAIRIE, N.D. – Thursday night, the South Prairie community rallied behind one of their own.

South Prairie School hosted a large fundraiser for Abby Mikkelson, who suffered severe injuries in an accident last month on Strawberry Lake.

The South Prairie gym turned into an auctioneer's hall, as eager guests bid on items from gift certificates to golf clubs.

This night was for young Mikkelson, who continues to recover from her injuries in last month's accident at the lake. The money raised will go to her medical bills and the family's expenses traveling between Minot and Minneapolis.

“This really shows the true South Prairie community, and how when one of us is in need, we gather together and try and help each other out as much as we can,” said Sally Eberle, benefit chair.

“It's just a way for the community to give back to the Mikkelson's, and Abby's such a sweetheart anyway; she's a very good student, very good person,” said Delwyn Groninger, Abby’s principal.

These guests donned green on this night, a t-shirt with the hashtag "Support Abby 33"' her number on the basketball team.

“She plays basketball for South Prairie and she is also on a traveling basketball team, and we just wanted to support her with her favorite activities,” said Eberle.

With hundreds of items at stake, everyone in the house had one person in mind.

“Abby, if you're watching this at all, I sure hope you get better. We wish you the best, and we're here to support you,” said Groninger.

Showing the love and support of this North Dakota community.

Abby has returned to Minot, though she currently is back in Minneapolis for a checkup.